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SHARP ALCS · SHARP ALCS · SHARP AL impressora. Baixar os últimos drivers para SHARP impressora em Windows 10, 8, 7 ( bit). Drivers para Sharp ALCS vão ajudar a reparar as falhas e erros do Imaging devices. n/a, Baixar MB. 32bitWindows XP. Sharp. Procuro pelo drive da multifuncional SHARP ALCS e não consigo pessoal preciso estalar uma empressora sharp al cs e ñao consigo o drive Achei também esta página para baixar Software e Drivers SHARP.

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Page - Switch pressing function when power supp The LED head cables When replacing the low-voltage power supply, electric shock may occur. Page Specifications 1. Títulos relacionados. Fujitsu sound card driver download. All Rights Reserved Disclaimer Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is complete, accurate, and up-to- date. Narration is one of the most important components of a story. Ben Winslow.

Drivers para Sharp ALCS vão ajudar a reparar as falhas e erros do Imaging devices. n/a, Baixar MB. 32bitWindows XP. Sharp. Procuro pelo drive da multifuncional SHARP ALCS e não consigo pessoal preciso estalar uma empressora sharp al cs e ñao consigo o drive Achei também esta página para baixar Software e Drivers SHARP. Onde mais ele pode baixar e instalar os drivers Sharp para um sistema de Eu olhei para a página Sharp ALCS impressora e ele diz: Driver USB só. Соmprеssion: ехе. Uploaded by: suifoonal. Tоtаl dоwnlоads: Total size: MB Date: Sрeеd: 12 Mb/s download sharp alcs driver. Alguém conseguiu instalar esta impressora (Sharp ALCS) (via rede) no windows 8? Saberiam me informar como faço isso ou onde.

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Item Qtde. Cartucho de Tinta Tricolor, com selo original do fabricante, C75X, novos,. Lançamento da nova linha de tecnologia Maxprint. Armazenamento de Dados Novos modelos de mídias. DVD-R Pino com 25 unidades Aproveite para baixar com pagamento 75 dias sem taxas!

Faça um bom negócio. Compatibilidade Windows 7 V6. Page 20 1. Page 21 1. Page Fax Specification 1. Page 23 1. Page Internet Fax 1. Page Report Print 1.


Page Print From Usb Memory 1. Interface USB2. Page 27 1. Page 29 1. Page Interface Specifications 1. Page Network Interface Specification 1. Singles Single Direction Functions 1. Page Electrophotographic Process Mechanism 2. Page 35 2. Page 36 2. Page 37 2. Transport belt Belt waste toner box Page Printing Process 2. Page 39 2. Page 40 2. Page 41 2. Fuser unit In that state, the separator FU is fixed in the direction illustrated in Figure , and the face-up tray detection sensor is enabled.

Page 42 2. Page 43 2. Page 44 2. Page 45 2. Section 5. Page 46 2. Page 47 2. Page 48 2. Page 49 2.


Page Image Scanning Process 2. The ASIC of the main controller circuit PCB interpret the input signals that are supplied from sensors and the signals that are supplied from the externally connected equipment. Page Fundamental Operations 2. The respective operation Drive force trasmission diagram modes are executed in accordance with the instructions given by the connected equipment The MFP is a document feed device of skim reading only.

Page 52 2. Supplement : When a single-sided document is selected, this operation is performed regardless of the same size mixed documents or different sizes mixed documents. Page 53 2. Supplement : When a both-sided document is selected, this operation is performed regardless of the same size mixed documents or different sizes mixed documents. Page 54 2. Page Jam Detection 2. Check timing of the Overview of the power supply is shown in the illustration below the power supply block of the document jam detection has already been memorized in the ROM of the sensor main PCB MFP receives the power supply of two systems that are 24V power supply and 3.

Page 56 2.

Page 57 2. The carriage-Assy is driven by a belt which is driven by the FB motor. Scanner moves at the scan speed corresponding to the respective magnification ratios that are set with reference to the standard scanning speed.

Page Precautions And Prohibition 3. Page Mfp Unpacking Procedure 3. This MFP weighs about 29kg. So lift it up with 2 or more persons. Page Mfp Installation Instructions 3. Page Packed Units And Attachments 3. Page Assembly Procedure 3.

Then remove the protection pad. Page 64 3. Protective tape Protective tape 7 Close the document cover. Page 65 3. Install Image Drum Cartridges 1 Slide the lock of the each toner cartridge to the left side. Lock blue Protection sheet 12 Remove the orange stopper while pressing the blue lever of the fuser unit in the 2 Close the top cover. Page 66 3. The following procedure explains how to load paper in tray 1 or tray 2 optional.

Page 67 3. Important Do not load paper above the fill line. Page 68 3. If your documents are portrait, load them with the top edge of the documents in first. Page Power Cable Connection 3. Be certain the power switch is placed in the OFF O position.

driver impressora sharp alcs

Page 72 3 Select the [Device Option] tab. Page 73 Note! You must use genuine Oki Original. Otherwise, the memory will not work. Switch the power supply of the MFP off and pull out the electric cord.

If installed with the switch on, an electric shock or a trouble to the MFP may occur. The performance cannot be guaranteed when using other products. Page 76 3. Page 77 3.

Page Configuration 3. Sample MC 1 From the panel, press 'Setting' button. Press the down button to go to 'Configuration' and then press the right button.

Page 79 3. Page Network Information Print 3. Press the down button to go to 'Network Information' and then press the right button. Page Connection Procedures 3. Prepare a USB Cable. Users should baixar seperately. Page 82 3. Page 83 3. Prepare the LAN cable. Switch off the power of the MFP and computer.

Connect the computer and MFP. Hook 1 Remove the side cover on the right side of the MFP while pressing the lock button. Page 84 3. Page Checking Of User Paper 3. The procedures are to detach them.

Reverse the procedures to attach them. The reference part numbers used in this manual such as do not identical to the part numbers in the maintenance disassembly configuration diagram TL and RSPL TR for the manual. Page Maintenance Tools 4. Page Part Replacement Procedure 4.

Manual Da Placa Pos Mig31Ag

Page Fuser Unit 4. Page Right Side Cover 4.


The LED head cables When replacing the low-voltage power supply, electric shock may occur. Wear insulated should be attached, the gloves, or be careful not to touch the conductors or terminals of the power supply directly. Page 93 4. Page Front Cover 4. Page 95 4. Page Scanner Unit 4. Concurrent to push the 3 1 Open the cover-assy-top-ADF. Page Adf-unit 4.

Driver de impressora necessario para AL-1655CS de eletronicos Sharp?

See 4. Page 4. Page Cable adf-reg Sns 4. Page Frame-assy-fb 4. Page Face-up Tray 4. Page Led Assembly. And Led Assembly Springs 4. Page Top Cover Assembly 4. Page Mpt Assembly 4. Page High-voltage Power Supply Board 4. Page Feed Rollers 4. Page Locations To Lubricate 4. The other locations must not be lubricated.

Lubrication is not required during assembly or disassembly, except that, after lubricant is wiped off locations, the appropriate lubricant specified must be applied to the locations.

Page Adf 4. Page Printer 4. Side of roller and ditch of shaft The other side is also the same.

Side R Center of shaft to the hatched areas. The printer has maintenance menus in addition to general menus. The menus intended for adjustment purposes should be selected. Page Maintenance Menu Device reboots automatically after exiting the menu. Memory Card A confirmation message is displayed when the Enter switch is pressed. Page 5. Maintenance Password word 6 to 12 characters numerals and lower-case alphabetic characters may be entered.

Back-side Test Color xdpi ADF : Test moving original document stops when set document has been moved Color xdpi May choose from single- or double-sided feeding. Back-side Test Test Continuous After a long press of the button, intake for 2 seconds and stop for 3 seconds repeat. Brazil South Africa Page Service Bit Menu 5. Page Maintenance Utility 5. Section in Operation from Maintenance operator panel The following details the utility: Option Adjustment Utility section in this Operation: 1.

And, the switches below are effective when pressed before LED is lighted in the special start confirming pattern.


Page Settings After Parts Replacement 5. Please notice setting] of [Section 2. Page Recommended Substitutes 6. If not changed, the printing quality cannot be guaranteed and failures may arise. Part Name Parts No. Page Cleaning 6. Page Cleaning Led Lens Array 6. Make sure to use soft tissues to clean the LED lens array. Page 6. Do not use solvents as methyl alcohol or thinner, as they might cause damage If there appear line breaks or white lines, or the letters and characters are blurred, please to the LED head.

Feed roller 4 Close the cover of the paper feed roller. To prevent this, it is recommended to clean the rollers once a month. Page Cleaning The Document Glass 6. Page Precautions Prior To Repair 7. Page Troubleshooting Method 7. Page 7. It is shown that a unit is being formatted. An error has happened Normal Please check data.

Indicates that an error has Program Data Receive Error Invalid data was received. Un-printed data remains in mode starts. Waiting for data to Data Job from an external follow. Printing File Lists. Normal Deleting data. Executing Auto Density Normal Page 7. Normal This screen is displayed Print Pages ppp sss: the number of current Please set next document. Indicates that it is receiving Normal Fax calling Indicates that it is calling.

Indicates that it is sending fax Normal Network communicating Indicates that the details of data. Indicates that printing of fax is cancelling.

Indicates that printing of fax Normal This status is for confirming communication error report. Printing Stored fax sending Normal An error occurred. Indicates that scanning has data.

Scanning is pending. Indicates that paper trays error is detected with the are not installed. Eu, queria muito aprender sobre como dominar o CUPS através de linha de comando. Se tiver estes comandos posta para gente, por favor De qualquer forma muito obrigado Mensagem Excelente post Calus. Por exemplo, se enviou um trabalho para uma impressora desligada é possível mover o trabalho para uma que esteja disponível.

Mensagem Amigo Credmann, vc poderia postar um artigo sobre estes recursos, pois "procurei" na net e naum consegui informacoes Mensagem Otimo artigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mensagem Muito bom o artigo acima relacionado Mensagem Muito bom artigo. Você o instala no servidor e facilmente pode adiciona-la adicionando Linux, Mac Os ou Windows.

Simples assim!

Mensagem jotah, na verdade o CUPS funciona assim! Valew, ajudou muito. Mensagem Cara, Parabéns pelo Artigo.